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The TRÉBOL ENERGÍA professional team offers generating companies services related to the economic management of their electricity production:

  • Consultancy for electricity market representation
  • Sales price improvement through:
    • Efficient management of sales on the daily market
    • Reducing the cost of deviations with adjustments on intra-day markets
    • Purchasing management on OTC
  • Preparation and management, and of bilateral contracts
  • Filing and registration of market operator and system operator installations
  • Bid management on daily and intra-daily OMIE markets

  • Energy sales liquidations and deviations management for the market and system operators
  • Control of telemetrics and deviations for installation purchasing, monitoring and notice on the evolution of the guarantees required for producers
  • Periodic reports on consumption evolution
  • Handling deviations. Minimising of deviations based on load curve analysis and existing consumption forecasts
  • Supervision and control of financial guarantees to operate on the market
  • Submission of claims to OMIE, REE and SIMEL for any discrepancy in the liquidations with discrepancies